Monday, August 11, 2014

Mr. Bojangles. If he is not IN MY LAP he is often laying on my foot stool. Taking up most of the room. The last picture is him sleeping by the French Doors,

I don't see the pictures I posted tonight. I saw them on Google+ but I don't see them here.
It took forever to upload the pictures. ALL 7 of them.
GRRRRRRRRRR..... Somehow these Pictures Of Mr. Bojangles Uploaded within Seconds....WOW.

More Rain . Storms . Beautiful Sunsets.

We have had a very rainy summer. I am not going to ramble on about how much I hate SUMMER HERE IN FLORIDA....JUST BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY I DO.
One thing I never tire of is our beautiful skies. We have awesome cloud formations and colors. Spectacular Sunsets....Sometimes at the same time....

Rain . We really have had enough.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Still Not Getting The Hang of Blogging...

What is it about having an actual blog instead of just a Facebook page that messes me up so badly?
It should be easy.
Yet, none of the set up makes any sense to me....Getting the blog to look just so.
I just can't seem to get it right.
Plus I have a terrible time connecting to it.
I wish I could connect through my Facebook page.....Or Account....If I can, I haven't figured out how.... How to save the link so I have it at all times?....Haven't figured that out as yet...
I will figure it out. Maybe by 2015.
Off to share some pictures....
Have a great week.
Message me anytime at sarah'