Sunday, February 3, 2013

How Does One Start A Blog?

How does one even start a blog? I started one a few years ago and don't know how to access it any longer. I was totally computer illiterate at the time. Now I can manage emails and Facebook. I went from not being on the computer at all, unless I was saving pictures, to being on here all the time. I have multiple personal accounts. My having 2 names, Debbie and Sarah, still confuses people. Just when they got use to to one or the other, I go and start using my married name more and more. Have I confused you yet? Probably. I was also a teacher for years. Then I ran a preschool/daycare and after school program in my home. I was happy. Content. Normal. (If there is NORMAL?) I lived in Colorado. I had one child, Bobby. He was 25. Bobby lived in Colorado Springs, ONLY a few miles from me. I was a MOM. Life was good. Normal. I saw my family and friends often. I visited Illinois a couple of times a year. My parents visited Bobby and I in Colorado. My sister and her kids would visit. My aunt and uncle lived in Trinidad, just South of us. Then My life started changing. I met Danny. How we met is a story for another time. It's pretty awesome. I lived in Colorado. Danny lived in Florida. For the first 2 years, we talked on the phone for HOURS AND HOURS a DAY. EVERY DAY. We never missed a day. When we weren't talking on the phone, we were texting. Then emailing. Sending pictures to each other. Writing letters and sending post cards. Both of us. It was FUN! Exciting! I FELL IN LOVE. So did he. Hard. Fast. We had a problem. I was in Colorado. He was In Florida. So I flew there. He flew to Colorado. It QUICKLY got expensive. Very expensive. He asked me to marry him. Something had to give. So I made plans to move to Florida. Easier said than done. I hate HOT AND HUMID WEATHER. I LOVED COLORADO. THE MOUNTAINS. THE CLIMATE. Yet, I loved Danny so I made plans to move. To get married. For awhile I was HAPPY. Living a dream.