Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Stroll Thru Life: Winning The Battle - Losing The War - I'm Not Doin...

A Stroll Thru Life: Winning The Battle - Losing The War - I'm Not Doin...: I love a pretty yard and from time to time mine looks pretty good.  Right now, not so much.  Hubby uses the patio as his work space, every...
From Sarah: I can identify with this post.
Danny loves to "TAKE OVER" everywhere. Our picnic table out side was used for a long time as "HIS'' place to leave all the tools he didn't need any more.
I finally broke him of it.
Now he doesn't do much of anything outside.
When we first moved into the Cracker House, I put up OUR mail holder. It and the counter it is on is filled with ALL "HIS'' Mail.....Mostly junk....pills, receipts and his everyday work items. It is a MESS until I clean it up.
Our KITCHEN table would have more than 2 daily pills on it IF I let him. It has his BP Cuff on it. He takes his BP MAYBE once a week. He would leave the roll of toilet paper there if I let him. Danny won't use tissues.
My Den would become a place for "HIS" toys and tents for Mr. Bojangles. He would just keep adding onto the tent city. Which would be fine if ....said cat wanted the 2nd story. If it didn't block the French doors and  the love seat.
I moved it out and dismantle part of it. Said Cat uses it now.
Get the picture?