Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge: A Time for Every Season

Growing Together in Grace and Knowledge: A Time for Every Season: I have been pondering the seasons of my life a lot lately - especially since becoming a first time grandmother. It seems in the ...

From Sarah: This struck a cord with in me. I have been PONDERING my life. Wondering where it is headed? Where Am I going? I can't keep feeling like I am on the outside of EVERYTHING. Even at home sometimes.
One thing I know I will NEVER BE is A GRANDMA.
I have been called Grandma by an Adopted daughter's child- adopted as In She calls me Mom. Her first born son calls me Grandma or Grandma Aunt Debbie (remember, Debbie is my real name).
I longed for Bobby to grow up, get married and then have kids. I wanted to be a Grandma. I was an awesome mom. I knew I would be an awesome Grandma.
Bobby never married. Never had any kids.
He always planned on it.
He wanted a wife. He wanted KIDS. He wanted me to me a grandma.
This mood: the constant talking about Bobby and the "I wishes" won't last long. It's just Hell Week, The week Bobby died.
My mom's death has bought back so many memories.
I am grateful to have so many of them.
So thank you for being here with me. Debbie AKA Sarah
Debbie just seemed appropriate.
Debbie as in Bobby's Mom.