Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cozy Little House: Living Simply: Part 2 - The Airstream

Cozy Little House: Living Simply: Part 2 - The Airstream: Today let's look at the Airstream. The first one was built in 1929. It has some advantages over the others.  All models are built...
From Sarah: This Post is another in a series  By Cozy Little House: Living Simply:
I love the last few pictures shown in the article. WOW: Imagine a claw foot tub in your Airstream.....

From Sarah:
I have never thought of it that way but Da Vinci was right .
Small house living IS NOT for everyone.
I will also admit; By the time the house we had been restoring for the state was ready to move into_ I couldn't DO IT SOON ENOUGH
We didn't have to be in the same room all the time.
Guess what?
I knew I would miss it. It IS HOME. And It Is OURS.
I never thought I would miss it as much as I do.

I have already shown this to Danny.
Since he loves taking baths as much or maybe more than I do He said "YES".

Check out the rest of this post. The pictures alone are worth it.