Friday, June 19, 2015

Cozy Little House: How I've Learned To Live Frugally

Cozy Little House: How I've Learned To Live Frugally: My life changed pretty drastically a couple of years ago. I was divorced and moving to a different state, and wondering how on earth I...
Cozy Little House

Sunday, August 11, 2013

How I've Learned To Live Frugally

From Sarah:
Danny and I have simplified our lives as well.
I have to admit though, If we had a dishwasher here, I would gladly use it. I wouldn't run it till it was full and that wouldn't be that often.
I still hang clothes out to dry when I can. I dry the heavier ones because the humidity in Florida makes it hard to get them dry before the thunder bummers roll in. It's been years since either of us had anything new so it pays to take care of what one has.
We do monthly Walmart trips and visit our neighborhood (7 miles away) little store, only when we have to .
I make meals that we can eat on for a few days when I can. I freeze extras as well.
SInce I love to cook, I will often make extras. It's easy that way and I always have something to take out on those days I don't feel good.